What is ECU GROW?

Guided Reflection On Work

  • To help students translate what they have learned from their ECU jobs to their future careers
  • Set of 11 competencies: 5 core and 6 more

Leadership Competencies

Competency Handouts

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Effective Communication

Ability to listen effectively and relay information via written, verbal, and non-verbal means in a way that is understood by target audience.


Effective Reasoning

Ability to identify challenges and form alternative solutions and approaches to problems using logic while maintaining the integrity of all individuals/organizations.



Ability to cooperate and work effectively with others to achieve a common goal or outcome.



Ability to build on personal and ethical foundation while demonstrating integrity, responsibility, and dependability to do assigned tasks with minimal supervision while maintaining a professional level of trust.



Demonstrating flexibility in the face of changing circumstances and responding proactively to adversity.


Conflict Resolution

Ability to actively listen to and understand what others are saying and use that information to aid those involved in coming to a reasonable conclusion while being open-minded and respectful.



Ability to show efficiency in completing assigned tasks through planning, prioritizing, time-management, and effective use of available resources.



Being able to realistically assess one’s knowledge, performance, and abilities and employ self-reflection to gain insight.


Ability to demonstrate good customer service skills and professionalism in attitude/demeanor and disposition that makes one approachable and relatable to others.


Ability to recognize and perform tasks with minimal supervision; demonstrate the ability to create innovative ways to enhance programs, policies, and procedures.



An intentional process of providing learning opportunities, support, and challenge to individuals to foster personal and professional growth and development.